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Slique in 60 Challenge

Got-Oils? Blog Post
December 30, 2016
Got-Oils? Blog Post

Ready to start the New Year off with a challenge?

Starting January 9, 2017  you can be on your way to a more Slique you. Young Living is starting the year off with a 60 Day or 120 Day challenge to help each and every one of us meet our wellness goals.*

I am most excited about this challenge for 2 reasons.

  1. I love the Slique products. My favorites are the Slique CitraSlim and the Slique Tea.
  2. I love that Young Living is having each person commit to 5 action steps to help us live a more proactive lifestyle.

Watch Haley’s testimony using the Slique products and putting the action steps into motion. She lost 25 lbs and over 12 inches. Way to go Haley!

What are you going to do in 2017?

I have already committed to myself and now to you that I will be taking the 2017 Slique in 60 Challenge- I will admit I am not excited about taking measurements and a picture, but what I do know is that we must know where we are now to get where we want to go!

I just took my Wellness Quiz today and I will say that with the holidays my Wellness Score dropped to average. I have areas I need to focus on in January and I am excited to have this challenge to push me to reach my goals. If you are curious about your Wellness Score click here.

I will be taking my picture in the next few days and I will be choosing the 5 actions that will help me reach my goals. Who’s going to join me in the Slique in 60 Challenge? You know you want to do it. Just do it! Fear and self-sabotage may try to get in your head, but push it away. You will be part of a whole community of people working towards their wellness goals in 2017.

Let’s Do It!!!

I would love to know who all is joining the challenge. Leave a comment below so that we can help each other.

*Now with any challenge their are rules about ordering product and filling out forms so if you want to know more about joining the challenge click here. Deadline is January 5, 2017.



Shawna Cale, Got-Oils? Administrator

I am a M.O.M: Mom on a Mission to help educate and empower other mom’s to build healthy homes and bodies while having the energy to do the things we enjoy with our families.

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